AI & Embryo Services
Rceips with their Calves
At Stribling Farms we offer a complete Embryo Transfer Donor Cow
Management Service
. I own and operate the donor AI Management
with over 25 years of experience.

Our Program Includes:
  • Set Up
  • Day Care
  • Heath Watch Computer Heat Detection System
  • Timed Breeding and Insemination
  • Embryologist-Clint Owens at East Texas Embryo Service
  • Recip Cows when available.

Our Donor Cow Management Program
is designed for Cow folks
who want to take advantage of the advanced technology we have to offer in
raising high performance cattle of any breed, but do not have the
time, facilities or knowledge of such a breeding program to be possible.

Over services provide
cow care for your donors and/or your own recip
. By bringing your own donor and recip to our facilities, I am able to
set up cattle by synchronizing with the numerous medications that are

heat watch computer heat detection system is used for time
breeding and artificial insemination of each donor cow at the exact time of
standing heat.

When recip cows are available, fresh embryos can be implanted the day of
the flush or embryos can be frozen and stored for a later date of

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Body Condition of Cows to AI- Flush
An important factor for successful AI-Flush is the body condition of the
cow. Before a cow is brought to my facility to AI bred they should be in
good body condition to ensure they will cycle. Cows with calves less than
60 days old and are thin usually will not cycle. Therefore it would be
cheaper for you to keep them and fatten them up at your place.

I have videos of cows that are in good body condition for breeding as well as
cows that are thin and that will not cycle as they should.
This is a video of Cows in Good Condition  for Breeding
This is a video of Cows in Poor Condition  for Breeding
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